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Bueno maestro, su enseñanza en nuestro camino es muy buena. En lo personal, a mí me gustan los juegos porque aprendemos más, y también cuando nos pone a leer para quitarnos el miedo de pronunciar las palabras y lo del escrito igual cuando usted nos dicta y escribimos y comparamos el dictado. También me gusta cuando nos pasa al pizarrón para comparar respuestas y nos corrige no tanto entonces pero también en las tareas. Le pondría de calificación un %100 que usted es gran maestro de inglés.

Rosa Mares / Omaha, NE, USA

Upon arriving in the United States, I enrolled at Zoni Language School, an experience that led me to encounter the person whim I regard as the finest English teacher I’ve ever had: Andy Travis. Under his guidence, I witnessed remarkable improvements in my language proficiency within a mere six months. His teaching methods and lessons not only helped me grasp complex texts, but also enhanced my reading and speaking abilities significantly. Andy’s contributions would undoubtedly enrich any institution fortunate enough to have him on its faculty. I have no reservations in saying that he provided me with an exceptionally strong foundation in language skills. Thanks to Andy’s invaluable assistance, I was admitted to the Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists at Boston University. Achieving this milestone wouldn’t have been possible without his unwaivering support. Andy instilled in me the confidence needed to persue my dreams.

Juan Diego Palomeque / Boston, MA, USA

I had the pleasure or working with Andy for over 5 years at an ESL school based in New York City. In this time, I had the opportunity to see him in a number of roles. In the classroom as an instructor, Andy’s classes were always dynamic and fun where students felt safe and excouraged to participate. Through talent and creativity, Andy’s classes always felt relevant and important while keeping his audience engaged. As the Activities Coordinator, Andy was collaborative and pragmatic. He organized and led walking tours throughout the city, which were very popular among our students and well received. As the lead chaperone for our events, Andy always handled stressful situations with leadership and grace knowing exactly how to troubleshoot if and when things did not go according to plan. Andy is clearly loved by both students and staff alike, and he treats everyone with care and respect. He is a delightful human being who I am so thankful to know!

Cassandra Wong / New York City, NY, USA

Andy was my English professor while attending a master's degree program in New York City between 2019 and 2020. Andy taught at New York Language Center. He was an extraordinary teacher, and I loved the way he constructed his lectures, which were always preceded by activating dabbles on issues relating to the social and political news of the day. We were all professional adults in the class, so in this way we were all stimulated to draw on our vocabulary to express ourselves on these topics because of their freshness involved us a lot, and we all were all passionate to express our opinions from our professional and personal lives. Besides stimulating us, the goal was also to overcome the embarrassment of talking with strangers and of making mistakes in a foreign language. The lessons were always impeccably constructed and engaging. There was no room for boredom, and time passed so quickly. Besides the memory of a professional, caring, thorough, and capable teacher, I cannot forget his extraordinary humanity and sensitivity.

Adriano Ciccarese / Rome, Italy

Andy Travis is a remarkable educator. He taught ESL to adults at our school for about four years. Andy was one of the most creative and best loved faculty members on our staff. He continually came up with new ideas to teach ESL and was truly loved by his students. He always incorporated art and drama in his lessons. Andy is one of those people who make a special effort to go out of their way to ensure students are engaged and learning. Regrettably, he left us to pursue other interests. He is creative, gifted, knowledgeable and was truly loved. We miss him!

Barbara Dick / New York City, NY, USA

I have been learning English with Andrew for more than two years online, and it has been awesome! Andrew creates an individual approach to the process, so we’ve combined grammar with pronunciation exercises and conversations. This brings the expansion of my lexicon which I can use in a correct way. We also use different topics for lessons, prepare readings from some materials, and watch videos. After some time you don’t notice how he is not just a teacher but a friend!

Nikita Chernyshov / Moscow, Russia

Andy was the best teacher that I ever have had. He is super intelligent and can talk about a lot of different subjects. His style of teaching is unique, creative and empowering. The classes are fun, and they not only increased my vocabulary, but also my confidence to speak English. Thanks for helping me in my journey, Andy. You are the best.

Fabiana De Liz / New York City, NY, USA